The time for Live Streaming has arrived. What better, than to add some Virtual Reality to the mix?
Pixel Nation have created 3-Dimensional, Virtual Conferencing Studio Experiences that make working from home appear as though you are presenting from a dynamic & professional space of your choice. It allows for two-way communications, Teleporting speakers from around the world to be walking together on the same stage as well as interactive presentations of PowerPoint / Keynote, whilst interacting with other speakers in the same environment.
Pixel Nation creates every graphic and visual element involved in an event or broadcast of any size.
Our content department manages 3D animation, video shooting & editing as well as our graphic design gurus, who work together with our playback engineers to bring the show to life.
The difference is simply put, creating design to work hand-in-hand with the team sitting at front-of-house (FOH), the ones pressing play, enables Pixel Nation to push boundaries and enable innovative creations that make us unique and well-known in the industry.


Uniting two of the top Audio Visual and Playback Gurus, Pixel Native & CI Nation… Pixel Nation was created.
Pixel Nation has delivered some of the continent’s most prestigious shows. Specializing in Visual Event Content & Playback Systems (FOH Engineering), our knowledge and dedication to perfection has given rise to an unprecedented “world-class” reputation.
Our skills and high delivery standards have brought international media attention, and in just the last four years, the team has delivered shows in 20 countries across 5 continents

Immerse yourself into our Virtual Environments, allowing you to “teleport” speakers from around the globe and interact in our custom-made, 3D animated sets. Having successfully run flawless Virtual Awards Shows, Product Launches, Conferences and Staff Addresses for local and international companies, we look forward to hosting the event of your dreams… the possibilities are limitless.

Mastery of set design is no small feat, with our team of experts ready and waiting to push the virtual & physical boundaries, your show will be one to remember. Utilizing the best software & talent… our set designs will separate your show from the rest.

Take your creative inspiration to the next level, with our professional Design & Animation Studio Team. Uniquely creating world-class design & animation to ensure all the visual elements involved in your show are nothing short of spectacular.


Take a peek inside our Wonderworld


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Bradley Hilton


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3d Animation

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Playback Technical